Saturday, 3 September 2011

installing the steel RSJs into a loft conversion

in most cases your new loft conversion will require the installation of RSJs. generally 3 RSJs are required, 2 large steels to take the weight of new floor, and a smaller steel to support the ridge. these steels are normally installed prior to any timber framing. the process starts with openings being made in the brickwork where the steels are going to be fitted. in each of these openings a concrete pad stone needs to be cast just below where the steels are going to sit. the hardest part of installing the steels in a loft conversion is getting them into position, the smaller steel for the ridge is not normally a problem but the 2 floor steels can be tricky. if possible craning the steels in is the easiest option but this can be expensive and if the scaffold has a tin roof it will not be possible to use a crane. if a crane isn't viable then man power and a couple of block and tackle's might be the answer. once the steels are in place on top of the pad stones you need to brick them in to stop them moving. you can now start timber framing the loft extension.


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